I watched this movie a few years ago on some film channel on television. It wasn’t censored or anything, but the movie didn’t really stick like it did the second time around. I watched it again on Netflix and couldn’t stop. Then I watched it again and stayed up well into 5 a.m. First off, I love Sara as Gypsy. Such a beautiful, believable character. She’s gorgeous. The punches and one-liners that come out of her and Kett are brilliant and delivered perfectly. I had to pause several times to laugh and nearly piss my britches. I envy their friendship. It’s raw, open, honest, and amazing. Kett as Clive has to be one of my top favorite characters. His struggle to find who he is feels relateable. Personally, I mean. I just love everrrrrrything about this movie. I have no idea why I don’t already own a copy of it.